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Front Passenger Door Lock Not Working

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Guys, my key fob stopped working and I replaced it with new batteries and it still does not work.

Anyways, I am manually locking and unlocking my door. When I use my key to lock the doors all doors lock and unlock except for the passenger front door lock.

Also, the passenger front door lock needs to be unlocked to be able to open the rear window and trunk....

I have a feeling this is a common problem but could not find any fixes for this.

Can anyone please help with any DIY tips?
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Door latch replacement 8-|=
I took this from Page 31 of the 2002 Owner's manual, courtesy of the RAVE cd. Hopefully synching the remote to the vehicle again will solve one of your problems. Good luck!

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I am having the exact same problem. Locking the drivers door locks all except the passenger. Did you find a solution? I would be greatly appreciative if you would let me know... Thanks.
Although my central locking was still working, i also lost the passenger front door locking a couple weeks ago. :(
So i bought a second hand c/locking motor/lock,swapped it out and its been fine since :dance:
When i took the old one apart, the motor had seized solid !!
I have exactly the same problem, I replaced the door lock with a 2nd hand unit which worked fine for a bout a month and now the problem is back again. A good tip to check the motor, I'll do that as everything else in the lock assembly looks perfect.
My passenger door and rear hatch stopped locking also. there is an out station in passenger door that sends power to rear hatch button. wire had come loose in door and window cut it when lowered. I spliced wire back together and that fixed door and hatch lock problem. Hope this helps.
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