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Front Left Rattle

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I've had a time trying to figure out what is causing the rattle in the video below. I've taken the truck to 2 different shops, both thought they fixed the issue while costing me a small fortune. The first shop swapped the rear LCA and the second shop swapped the front LCA. When I took it back to the first shop to tell them that they didn't fix the problem, the only diagnosis they speculated on was something in lower portion of the air strut, but could not definitively say so. I'm not getting any suspension faults at all. I've checked for any loose brackets, etc. I've considered taking off the front fender panel to see if there is something rattling inside. Any ideas?

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Not sure but check the anti sway bar mounts and rods. Also check for a possible loose brake backing plate. I have not done our bushings but they are available afaik from Island 4x4 UK. Originals are solidly bonded to the sway bar so more expensive and time consuming to change and both end links, at least need separating (they may be the problem). It can be fun to cut the rubber off the sway bar in place from what I have read. New ones are split so they fit over the bar in place. This is typical of north american older vehicles (at least). But of course these suspensions are different and I still have difficulty understanding how well they track given the LCA open web bushings they contain (bonded by the way)
O have similar noise from the front left side. One time i kicked front left tire and found the problem. The noise comes from brake cover. Will do it in winter
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