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Front Left Rattle

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I've had a time trying to figure out what is causing the rattle in the video below. I've taken the truck to 2 different shops, both thought they fixed the issue while costing me a small fortune. The first shop swapped the rear LCA and the second shop swapped the front LCA. When I took it back to the first shop to tell them that they didn't fix the problem, the only diagnosis they speculated on was something in lower portion of the air strut, but could not definitively say so. I'm not getting any suspension faults at all. I've checked for any loose brackets, etc. I've considered taking off the front fender panel to see if there is something rattling inside. Any ideas?

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It’s hard to tell from the video but it sounds like a very similiar noise that I had on my 07 Supercharged. I also had it misdiagnosed. Was told it needed ball joints. Replaced them, got an alignment, all that, still had the same noise.

It ended up being the sway bar end links/drop links. I’m not sure what the proper name is. It’s a vertical bar that is less than a foot long with a couple ball joint looking things on the end. Connects to the end of the front sway bar. You can see them behind the front wheels, especially if you turn the wheel all the way to the outside.

I got a big bar from some leverage and pried on the the sway bar, thinking it was a sway bar mount or something and I could heard the noise coming from those drop links/end links.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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