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Front left door non opening

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Hi all, I ahve a P38 in and the darn front left door wont open from inside or outside.

Seems all lever rods are in place and working and problem is without a doubt the lock itself, possibly something within has broken.

Only solution is to rip off the door panel but thats a no no cos the panel is a rare type, in other words LR would want a small fortune, scrappers dont ahve anything.

So next best thing is to remove rear door and use a air hack saw to saw off the strike section.
Im sure it will work but wonder if anyone has done this or has managed to find a work around this problem. Other doors all work fine

Keep well...
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Is there a reason you cannot remove the interior panel by simply removing all the handles and pulling the door skin off and seeing if you can manually release the door lock this way?
I have had this issue before but I was able to remove the door panel with the door closed. It's a pain but it can be done.
If you choose to use the saw I have the strike plate I'll send it at no chage to you Just so I can say I now send parts to
Africa :lol: :lol:
i just had this problem as well. There is a cable that attaches to the inside handle and it snapped. I put a crimp on ring connector and put it back on and it is holding up fine for a while now.
I have those cables, the cable only operates the outside door handle.
Scotty said:
I have the strike plate I'll send it at no charge to you Just so I can say I now send parts to Africa :lol: :lol:

I thank you for the great offer of sending your parts to every corner of this planet.....including darkest Africa..

But I can get striker plates so thats not a issue, thanks all the same.

Removal of panel and getting to lock from inside is not going to work, all cables and rods are connected and functioning, besides panel will be damaged in the process due to its closeness to the dash, this trim is not common and dealers will be eh....stealers on the price ....ouch.

Have a spare lock and even from inside its going to unlatch, guess when I do the saw thingy I will document the process and slap it on the blog for all to see for in case, darn I was hoping for a quick release
GREAT post ghur, :clap: :clap: I'm not sure how we missed that one..
Pity I only found it after spending hours cutting off my door striker. :crybaby2:
ahhhhhh :lol:
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