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Front End Collision - Airbag Deployed

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Sad day here! I hit a deer this morning in my 2011 Range Rover Sport. I've made a claim with the insurance, but they are saying it could be up to a week until I get any news back and it's eating me alive already. (1-2 days for the tow, 3-5 days for the adjuster, 1-2 days for final results)

I have had accidents before, but not in my RR and usually just minor dings that could be fixed within the week. This one is different. I keep telling myself that it isn't that bad, but then will find another post making me worry all over again. As soon as I made impact and the airbags deployed, everything locked up. All the lights were on inside, dash (service) lights included and it wouldn't start back up. I finally got it started up to pull off the road, but no power steering and fought me the whole way there. Tried to attach photos, but it isn't working for me.

  • Driver Airbag Deployed.
  • Driver Headlight is GONE!
  • The whole front bumper/grill will have to be replaced.
  • Fluids going everywhere and radiator doesn't look promising.
  • Front Fender is smashed
  • Driver door has small dents and scratches.

I needed some reassurance from the people that will know best. Think this will be totaled - I guess they total out in WV if damage repair cost is 75% of the value? It's got a 113,000 miles on it, but in pretty good condition otherwise. The Airbag is what really worries me. I LOVE this car, so fingers crossed that I am driving her around soon again, but my hopes are diminishing by the moment without knowing an estimate of the repairs.

What do you guys think? Totaled or Fixable?
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Totaled is usually anything over 50%. A 7 year old rig with that kind of mileage will only fetch around $15K private party or $12K trade in. When you consider you have various body panels to replace, steering damage, most likely suspension damage.... if your radiator is shot then you condenser is most likely ruined plus front support for radiator, condenser, fan and oil filter housing. The small bits like damaged wiring harnesses, headlight and ancillary parts you can not even imagine.

I hate to be so blunt, but I would be very surprised if your insurance repairs it. Most body shops capable of this level of repair will only use new parts.
Maybe it would help to not look at it as the loss of your beloved old car, as much as an opportunity to do an early upgrade to a 2014+ model :)
I was afraid that was the answer I was going to get here. I really had plans on making this ole girl last for at least 2 more years before I put her into retirement. Upgrading is an option, but I really might cry when/if I get the bad news. I have been through several cars since I travel for a living and pile on the miles, but this one has by far been my favorite!
$10,950 in damage.

Is that the spirit of your Rover peering over at you? Or is that your guardian angel? ;)
I would agree with the others. $8k - 10k in damage. She's totaled.
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