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Well, I know how I'm spending my Christmas weekend...

Babe's been garaged since last Spring now needing new front end hub ball joints. Occasional back road errands, but horrifying death wobble over 55mph, torn boots, weird tire wear, oh yeah. Got the tools and am getting the last of the parts in order. Wifey's getting anxious now that winter has set in. "I want my Rover" :crybaby2:

Anyone who's done this job, I've read the scripts and seen the pictures (excellent :thumb: ), did you find it necessary to change the drive shaft seals while you were in there? I'll post the press adapter sizes for future reference once I'm there. Hoping the kit I got has the correct ones... :?

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You really don't need any special press or adapter for the axle oil seals. They pop right into place with a little hand pressure or light tapping.
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