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Front Door Latches-Again

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Back for more advice.
4 months ago when I purchased my 99' Range Rover I replaced both front door latches and everything was great until last night.
Last night went to Costco and of course it was rainning, and when I came back to the Rover both front doors did not respond when I tried to unlock and lock the Rover with the remote. :x
I know these go bad but so soon and both at the same time?
Could the rain be playing a factor with moisture to the motors or a short?
Also the dome light stopped responding when any of the doors are opened, inlcuding the rears.
When I purchased the Rover this was also happening but when I replaced both front latches it corrected the problem, or could this be an indicator of another underlying problem.
Did anyone find where the electric motors in the door lactches can be purchased, with the extended shafts?
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Last time I had the door cards off it did not look like there were signs of water.
Thought the water issue could play a role but wasn't sure.
I also forgot to metion that with the rear doors locked which still operate with the remote, I opened the front doors but the alarm did not go off. :?
Is this normal or can there be other issues?
The dash mounted led is flashing more rapidly than normal.
Thanks, for the info guys.
I have left the Rover for long periods of time (1 week or so) and it always starts right up, so my impression is that I don't have battery drain.
Can you tell if the RF reciever is the latest version from comparing part#'s?
I will look at the RF reciever to see if it is the part# you metioned.
If you can't tell from comparing part#'s what should I look for?
My Rover is a 99' 4.6 with Bosh, I am located in North America if that also makes a difference.

I am very determined, we will all get to the bottom of this :!:
We shouldn't have to keep replacing latches, we should be playing in the mud driving circles around other vehicles.
Thank you for the information regarding the alarm rf reciever.
I also have a new question.
Does anybody know if the the motors from a Discovery II rear latch would work as replacement motors in the Range Rovers latch :?:
It is from a 99 Disco II and my Range Rover is also a 99'.
I ordered 2 rear latchs from a wrecker and received them by mistake.
I noticed from a visual inspection that these latches have to motors in the latch versus one motor in the Range Rovers latch.
I wanted to avoid opening them up, so I don't break anything, and could return them but thought about asking the question first.
Opps, yes there are two motors in the P38 latch on small and one large.
But the the motors in the Disco's latches look like they are both the same size, same as the large in the P38.
This is why it is interesting, the value would be awesome in replacing burnt motors for P38's.
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