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Front Differential Plug: Is this normal?

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I changed the front differential oil today. Rear plug was pretty clean. Front plug looked like a sea urchin. Truck has 160k on it. Who knows last time this was changed. I have no symptoms of any diff issue. Thoughts?
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the first place for wear in a diff is the outer pinion bearing usually . jack up the front and rear wheels on one side to take the load off the tail shaft and check for movement in the bearing . chock the wheels and put gearbox in neutral so you can turn the tail shafts , also check universals while your at it and the rear differential, or use a hoist if you have access to one. it's not usual and their could be an issue with the diff , was the oil black or translucent?
It was very dark. I have noticed a very mild hum in the front when coasting at high speed. I’m wondering if I’m hearing the front diff.
the hum could be the diff or it could be the universals as they can hum when worn ,. if you aren't competent at doing things like this might be best to ask a mechanic to have a look , then you will have time to find a front diff ( they are different , one cut left the other is cut right) if you require one that is .
PS they are not adjustable , if the mechanic offers to rebuild the diff it's best done now not after the bearing collapses.
Thanks. U Joints are already on my short list as preventative maintenance just based on age and mileage. We’ll see if it still has the hum.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts