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Front and Rear Map Light Mod

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I have been doing much research on how to get more ligt inside the cab when I open the doors. I have found one person that rewired his rear map lights so that they still functioned with the switch but also illuminated when the doors opened. http://rrsport.co.uk/forum/topic5550.html

So I am considering attempting this mod with the use of diodes to prevent all interior lights from coming on if/when someone switches on the rear map lights. In addition, I am thinking this mod would work for the front two map lights on the sides of the center light that comes on with the doors and be even easier since the power feed would be the one that powers the center light so no long wire runs. This way all five ceiling lights would come on with the opening of a door. To top it off I plan to replace the bulbs with LEDs. After all of this I am thinking I would have sufficient lighting.

Has anyone else done this mod? Or is there a better way?
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In an effort to get more interior light I recently changed all of the interior lights with 13-led 194 replacement LEDs from V-LEDs.com. I got all of them to work except the two front doors. When the truck is turned off the rear door puddle/curb lights turn on with the front courtesy/dome light or upon opening of the doors, but the front door puddle/curb lights either don't turn on or occassionally come on very briefly. But when starting the truck and opening the doors the front door puddle/curb lights turn on but not when toggling the dome/courtesy light on/off.

So are the front door puddle/curb lights wired differntly from the rest of the interior courtesy lights? :?:

I am still working on how to mod the front map lights to come on automatically with the courtesy light upon opening the doors. But the front dome light housing is a bit tricky as the map lights do not have separate connections as they are set up more like the dash cluster with light holders that twist into a circuit board so figuring out how and where to jump the wires to each map light become a bit more difficult. Any thoughts on this? :?:
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I just wired up the rear courtesy lights to turn on with the opening of the doors, big improvement! I simply tapped the power wire (purple) from the rear map light in the cargo area and ran a wire up through the headliner to the passenger rear map light housing and replaced the green wire with the new wire from the rear. I then ran another wire from the rear passenger side map light to the driver side through the headliner and wired it the same. So now I have three ceiling lights (front dome and two rear map lights) that turn on when opening a door and I can elect to not have them turn on by switching them off. Pretty straight forward and useful mod.
There is the option to retain the map light function while the doors are closed by reversing the wires on each light assembly (green to black and black to green) and running the new wire to positive side of the bulb with a diode, but I really don't foresee using the rear map lights I simply swapped power sources. But is definitely possible.
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