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I'll try and keep this brief, it all started when the boss accidentally picked up the Range Rover keys with a pile of washing. After undergoing a full wash and dry cycle (while we wondered why it was so noisy), strangely, the key would no longer operate the car ! Full marks to Webasto though as the heater remote, also on the key ring, still worked !

Our spare key used to work but has been sat in a drawer for the last few years and wouldn't sync with the car although it would allow us to open and start it which at least meant we could still drive it.

We decided that having just one key was not a good idea and living without remote lock/unlock was a pain so we ordered a new key from LR via our local independent. VIN number supplied, the key arrived, Autologic diagnostic thing authorised the key and the new key could also now lock/unlock/start the car but no way we could get the fob to sync with the vehicle. Tried everything, "hard" reset of the vehicle, different techniques to sync including having someone in the boot near the receiver to pass the key to.

We even stripped out the cover on the rear tailgate to make sure the receiver was earthed and had power.

So, while rebuilding the old (not washed) key and replacing the battery I realised that the old key was 315MHz and double checking on the receiver, it too had a 315MHz label on it. The key from LR, supplied using our VIN number, was actually a 433MHz unit, hence it won't sync. After a quick trip to charge up the new battery in the old key it sync'd first time. The receiver also has a date stamp on it of 2007, matching the age of the vehicle and the original keys are just that, genuine originals, unmolested by anyone so I'm pretty certain it came out of the factory like that. the vehicle was sold through a UK main dealer originally and I have the sales documentation to show that so it's not a Japanese import or anything.

Land Rover dealership say it should be 433MHz as per the key supplied as it's a UK spec vehicle and we're having difficulty getting hold of a 315MHz version of the key from LR.

So, any other UK spec L322 owners fancy letting me know the year of their vehicle and the frequency printed on the fob (behind the key when the fob is closed) ? I can't believe mine is the only L322 running around with a 315MHz key fob !
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