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Here are a few tips and pointers that we hope will help give you the best possible experience participating in this online community.

LOOK BEFORE YOU ASK: Before you ask a question, you should use the SEARCH function to find existing forum posts for your issues. This also helps you to not post repeat questions about the same issue.

BUMPING: If you have posted a question in the technical forums, please refrain from "bumping" your topic if you don't get a response with 24hours. Give members who are familiar with your issue a chance to respond. "Bumps" will be deleted as seen by the mod eration team.

AVATARS: Please keep your avatars tasteful and appropriate. We reserve the right to delete any that are obscene or tasteless.

SIGNATURES: Please add your Range Rover's model year, model, and engine info to your signature. This helps provide answers and information specific to your individual Range Rover's technical specifications.

LOCATION: It really helps if you add a real location to your profile. Many answers can vary according to your market and regional laws, especially if you are asking a technical or buying related question.

PLEASE AVOID PROFANITY. Any posts including insulting or profane language will be arbitrarily edited or deleted without apology and without warning. Offenders may also have their accounts deactivated at a moderators discretion.

AVOID ALL CAP POSTING. There is never a need to post with caps lock on. Same with bolding large sections of type or jumping between fonts. It only makes a post difficult to read.

SALE ITEMS. The technical forums are not intended as a venue for free advertising. Please confine any personal sales to the Buy/Sell sections.

COMMERCIAL VENDORS. News about new products is always welcomed and appreciated, but if your post is to advertise your products or service to the Rangerovers.net community, then please contact the sales team in advance for assistance getting setup with VENDOR status.

SUPPORT OUR VENDORS WHEN POSSIBLE: Please purchase from our site supporting vendors whenever you can. Accessing them via this site lets them know you came from this community,

DISCLAIMER NOTICE. Considering the real-time nature of these forums, it is impossible for Rangerovers.net and its Administrators and Moderators to vet messages or confirm the validity of information posted. We cannot vouch for the accuracy of messages and are not responsible for their contents, which express the views of the authors and not necessarily of Rangerovers.net. By using these forums you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Rangerovers.net and its agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your messages. You also agree not to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, or which violates any law including copyright law. Rangerovers.net reserves the right to edit or delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever and to reveal your identity and other information about you in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you.

USE OF YOUR POSTINGS: By posting here you are transferring the copyright of whatever you say to Rangerovers.net and authorizing the use of your verbiage and pictures anywhere on the site.

Have a good time on the forums, and let's enjoy helping help each other out!

John Brabyn - Founder

First RR: 1989 Chamonix White Classic
Second RR: 1995 Epson Green Mk II 4.0SE
Third RR: 2004 Maya Gold Mk III L322 Range Rover
Fourth RR (still owned): 1990 GDE
Fifth RR (current): 2014 L405 Mk IV Range Rover
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