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For New Years, I got an EAS "Soft" Fault

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Well, I was planning on changing to Arnott Gen III's in the future.. Was hoping to wait until it warmed up, but my Rover thought otherwise. I knew I'd have to change them soon... had a slow leak in the front which wouldn't hit the bump stops overnight, but it would take a few days of sitting to get there... well, the 20 degree temp decided to accelerate the situation... with the front hitting the bumps after about 3 hours after sitting... Lots of fun.

While I'm at it, I was considering doing the Rover Renovations Overhaul Kit.. Bumpstops, O-rings, etc... anyone have any experience with this kit?

Oh, and I was trying to fix my heater a/c control unit (silicone issues/fix) and broke my "Auto" knob. So I suppose I'll be replacing that too!

Happy New Year!

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Well... it appears I got my EAS fault because of what I theorized earlier. Fault Code was "Compressor Error/Fault." Based on compressor shutting down because it couldn't maintain pressure in my front airbags.

Arnott Gen III's on their way. I'm so excited. Might even have to upgrade bumpstops, shocks and add rear swaybar while I'm at it.
should probably rebuild the compressor while you're at it.
That too! How difficult is the job?

Easy Job. See sticky;



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