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I have the exact same problem and took the car to the dealership about a year ago. After $140 in labor they told me the microswitch in my right mirror was faulty and that the entire mirror needed to be replaced (they dont sell the microswitch seperately). I decided not to spend the $500 on a new mirror and have since been trying to source a used one on ebay.

I am pretty sure I caused the issue, I remember driving through a very narrow alley in Boston and hitting the right mirror against a dumpster - luckily the mirror broke away (folded in) not causing any asthetic damage but I beleive the sudden impact fried the microswitch. More than likely the previous owner of your car had a smiliar run in. If you find a replacement microswitch solution please let me know..as i would much rather replace the microswitch as opposed to a $500 mirror.

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