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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Recently bought a ‘99 Range Rover with what seem to be the original key FOB’s. Unfortunately they are kinda beat and have the buttons completely worn off to where they don’t light up without a small screwdriver to press the recessed metal switch.

No big deal, I’d just use the key to lock/unlock the doors...or so I thought....

Well, as many of you could have predicted...I’ve run into quite a few door latch related problems, so I decided to step back and try to get my FOB’s working again and thought I’d share my jerry rigged fix.

Here’s what my FOB’s looked like:


I dropped a .177cal/4.5mm BB (poached from my air soft gun) into each pocket to essentially extend the switch/button above the surface of the FOB cover:


Added a small piece of a headliner sample swatch over the BB’s:


Taped the swatch covered BB’s down and around the FOB (tucked into the key slot to allow the key to set back into the FOB):


And bingo bango, we have a functioning FOB (no screwdriver required):

View attachment 269660

Sort of a fun fix, but unfortunately for me..my FOB’s still don’t actually lock/unlock the doors...not sure what else to do other than drop off the truck at the dealership along with a pile of $$$ to get the locks working.

Hope other people have better luck!!

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Better yet test your latches following the sticky at the top of this forum then synch your fobs to your rig. There is no need to visit the dealer.
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