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flat battery after 24h

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I need some help. I've a P38 from '98. And my battery is flat after 24h. Every day again. So i did some tests. And what did i see. The computers are asking all the time 1,5 Amp from the battery.
People telling me to replace the BeCM and than the problem will be over!!
But i find something else:
i can't lock the car with the remote fob, only with the key.
But I can open it with the remote, so I thought that not the remote the problem was, but the BeCM.
But now, I mother in law washed my clothes and the remote so the batteries from the remote went flat. Normally the car will not start, if the batteries from the remote are flat. Please tell me if I’m wrong.
So I think the BeCM is an open and does not need the code to start. But how can i fix this problem!!
Have someone have a possible solution for this problem!!

Already thanks
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i would try pulling fuses one at a time untill your drain goes away, that would narrow the circuit down
Mine was going flat over 24 hours, it turned out to be a burnt out alternator that wasn't charging the battery fully.
the strange thing is that when i disconnect the battery, and leave it that way for a whole night. Than is will work properly. the remote fob is working right, can close and open. drain of the battery will go to 0,05A.
but when a just put the key in to start, without starting, the remote will not work anymore.

close doesn't work
open will work

drain of battery is 1,5 A

already thanks
3check for the 1.5A drain, and pull every fuse out one ata a time and replace. you will find the cct to check
Mine was doing this, I disconnected the RF antenna and now it drains after letting it sit for a week (not perfect, but better than 24hrs). Check and make sure your becm is going to sleep. Look at the park light on the gear selector. It should be lit when you open the door. If you leave the door open and wait a few minutes, the light should turn off. Indicating the becm went to sleep.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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