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2002-2005 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi there,

I have an emi come on and off randomly and sometime flash. It flashes usually after startup and on idle, if you start driving it the flashing stops. The solid eml comes on and off randomly.

I also get the p1171 and p1174 codes occasionally in the memory, and if read while the eml is flashing I get cylinder 1-4 misfire codes.

The MAF is 18months old, but unplugging it makes it run nice and it logs no faults in this state asided from faulty maf codes, however I'm wondering if this can be expected as its in closed loop (think that's the term) and running pre programmed values? or does it sound like a bad maf?

I have also changed
Fuel cap
tank breather valve
Rocker cover gaskets inner and outer both banks
rear pcv and cleaned the system.
new pcv/cyclone pipes

but the problem persists,

my maf kgh readings are

630 - 13.1
1500 - 35.2
2000 - 45.1
3000 - 70.4

but these do fluctuate a bit - at 630 sometimes it can get up to 16.1

o2 sensors operating between 0.0 and 0.8 on all four.

any ideas where to start looking?
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