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I would like to share how I fixed my rear console cover that had ugly peeling silver paint.

Taking it off is rather straight forward (refer to powerfuluk's excellent youtube video) -- except for two things:

(1) The plastic bushings on either side tend to break at they snap locked into place. I didn't want to order new ones so I wanted to remove them without breaking them. To accomplish this I wrapped toothfloss very tightly around them to press down on the snaps and then pulled them out somewhat gently with needlenose pliers. This was somewhat finicky but after a while of messing with them they came out in one piece.

(2) The cigarette lighter is impossible to remove without taking out the metal insert which is difficult to remove. I used a screwdriver to push the two metal clips that hold them to the plastic piece towards the inside of the lighter and eventually it came out without breaking.

After I removed the center console cover I painted it with black Plasti Dip -- my painting skills are very limited and it came out very uniform and nice looking. You could prime it and paint it with "real" paint but this is good enough for my purposes and much nicer looking than the flaky silver mess.

Good luck!
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