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Fitting driving lights- Bugger

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Bought some HID drivinglights with internal ballasts form ´the net´and even fitted plugs to match
the LR wiring harness. :D And with too much enthusiasm went about fitting everything. The loom
was no problem, connected the lights loosely to test, and they worked, so that inspired me even further.
Removed the bumper and intended fitting direct to the bumper, and noticed 2 holes in the steel frame
just where the ´sticky outy bits are´. Drilled holes, but thought it weird that there was a ´sticky uppy nipple
thing´just under, so trimmed light bolt and fitted light. Trial fit the bumper and :doh: :doh:
I was intending trimming the grill, but the lights hit the frame behind the grill, :doh: :doh: and that nipple seems to
be some sort of locator pin, although seems upside down :think: , so that now I have a bolt above it
I can´t slip the bumper over the frame on the front outriggers. :doh:

Sometimes I wish enthusiasm could be curbed before it takes over. So I now have 2 HID lights I can´t
fit, one with a trimmed bolt, and some holes in the top of the colour coded bumper. Anyone know
where to get one of those horrid A-bars from? :roll:
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Sorry to hear that.
Take a look at powerfulluk if this is your kind of additionnal light bar.
I don't like chrome but i though about painting it black


Looks like it may be a solution, shame they are out of stock, but have contacted them.
Just wondering if people could post pictures of their extra lights they have fitted.
Preferably from the front and looking down onto the toop of the bumper.

did you fit those steady lamps ? Can you provide pics from the inner mount points (behind the grill) ? any tips are appreciated.

I've been looking to add some to my rig, since those Safari 5000s shake quite a bit.

Are these the ones you have ?

Yep. Those are the ones I have, and yes I installed them. Once I figured out that I had to cut about 6" off each one to get them to fit it was an easy job. Just a drill bit to make the holes in the grill, and some self tapping screws to fasten it to the area above the grill. Remind me tomorrow via pm and I'll get a pic of it. I'm drinking and I know I'll forget otherwise.
One thing I have noticed around here is the North Americans take pictures...
The A-bar is obsolete according to several sources, so that left me with few options.
So went out and bought some Hella FF200 lights and have now at least fitted the
mounting bracket to the bumper and the bumper back onto the car. :dance:
The light won't be as good as from the HID's but seeing as the Hella's fit I'll at
least have some light now. :lol:
Q - Are there similar soppy EU rules in Norway regarding the use of the metal bull bars? I know JE Engineering were exporting metal A Bars to markets where it was allowed.

I've got some Freelander 1 A bars in stock if they'd be any good BTW... :lol: :lol:
Similarly soppy and rigorously enforced.
Seeing as the population is only about 4.5mil here it´s easy for
the police, customs and VOSA type agencies to set up roadblocks,
infoct there are lots of checkpoints along most mainroads ready to be manned,
to then breathelize, check tax, registration, and look for dodgy cars.

Got the mounts for teh Hella FF200´s fitted now, just have to wire up the lights
with a plug that matches the wiring harness, like I had done to the HID´s.
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