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First Post - MY RRS

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Hello fellow enthusiasts –
I purchased a New 2010 Black RRS HSE last Saturday. It has the sexy ivory leather on ebony carpet. Also got the luxury package, leather package and 20" powder coated wheels.

So far I am very happy. It is the first vehicle I have bought where I feel there are no compromises. On the Interstate, 80 mph feels like 50! The sound system is by far the best I have ever experienced. The metallic component of the paint really is impressive in the sun. The heated steering wheel is sweet.

Only two nit pics - wish I had about 2" more leg room and there do not seem to be any cup holders for the rear occupants. Regarding the leg room, there is an outfit the dealer referred me to that modifies vehicles for the handicapped and can move the seat back using custom brackets for about $250. Anyone have any experience with this? To me, it seems as though the seat could travel back more by just moving a prox switch or stop.

Also, the HSE had about 450 miles ( two time dealer trade) on it and I got a $2200 discount. Is that a good deal?

Look forward to any helpful comments and must do mods.


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bop08 said:
Car mfg's hate remote starts. It usually means that someone starts the car and lets it idle for 15 or more minutes while it warms up. A driven car will warm up with in a very few minutes. During warm up, the engine needs to run rich (remember the old chokes)? Running rich washes the oil off the cylinder walls starving the rings of lubricant which leads to wear and then oil burning. Even with circulating coolant heaters and oil pan heaters our cars, in Big Delta Alaska, (-72 °F), were shot in one winter because of lack of lube. The viscosity of even multiweight is high at 20°F. Plus, note that when you shift to R or D the engine drops off high idle even if you just started it.
At 80 K miles, when the car starts to show signs of cylinder scoring, the Mfg can prove that it was the unattended warm-up but it probably was.
wait so are you saying that we should not let our cars have an idle warm up? i always do this and thought that it was the right thing to do....
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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