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1995-2002 Range Rover P38A
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Hi Guys, i couldn't figure out why I had an overwhelming desire to buy myself probably the most impractical vehicle given the fact i have no garage, nowhere to park it, nowhere to carry out the inevitable work that I already know must be done, but the very moment i parted with a fair bit of cash I almost instantly fell into Rangy heaven.

My vehicles are an MX5 and superbike, they do everything the Rangy doesn't and visa versa, I'm traditionally a corners man but now I own a car boat, corners are a slow bouncy negotiation swiftly followed by an injection of 4.6 v8 and I love it!!

Thankfully, my first P38 is pretty solid, all electrics working, well, nearly all....all ball joints and air suspension good, engine not overheating, pulls like a train and interior looks like new but..... there are inevitably a couple of issues that need sorting but that's a message for another night.

I've already found this forum very useful and I hope in time I might be able to add a solution or two myself but thoroghly looking forward togetting stuck into my 2001 Royal blue Rangy Vogue.

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