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Final stage resistor

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Does the BMW E39 final stage resistor fit a 2000 DHSE (BMW diesel) please?
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Does the p38 have a final stage resistor. I was told by a LR expert that it could be the cause of my fans not working and battery drain. I know the L322 has one.
This is completely different tech - although it has the BMW 2.5 engine the HEVAC is not from BMW.

I think I am getting totally confused. My heater blowers have suddenly stopped working. book symbol is on. Can a blend motor fault affect the heater blower or what else could it be. All fuses etc are OK.
If you select demist program do you get any fan? This should override any failed sensors.

I take it you have done the basics, checked the fuses (all the fuses, not just the ones associated), checked the connections to the HEVAC ECU?
Nothing on demist programme. Done all the checks.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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