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Final count of Sports going to the Rally?

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Who's in for sure?

I'm trying to figure out what trails to do. The first day I am again taking Dave's Driver's Training course. I imagine he'll get a touch of everything in there - scenery, rock crawling, water crossings, maybe some sand. That leaves two other days and I am thinking of getting in some good rock crawling for sure, then maybe some more scenery and water crossings depending on what we get out of day 1.

I am thinking about taking this one on, perhaps the last day (as a finale):
I've started a thread on the Solihull forum here:
It looks doable, but I'd definitely want to see some other Sports there.

Wheeler Lake is most likely out unless you don't like your paint (from Dave). Unless Drevs is going with his "accessories".
Was also thinking about Birdseye Gulch?
Halfmoon Creek (for water crossings and more views).
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Confirmed...we'll see you there!

I haven't yet figured out which trails we'll do, and I have some friends coming along in their Vesuvius RRS who are new to this type of adventure, so I'll probably go along with them on Day 1 on some easy trails, and then along with the rest of our GD IV group to do some of the hard stuff...assuming our vehicles are still in 1 piece after 5 days on the Great Divide!

Looking forward to seeing you there!
Nice. Do you think the Vesuvius (and maybe you) would want to do the Driver's Training course? I know Dave and I can say it will be an awesome course/day. It really is the perfect introduction to off roading - especially in our Sports since Dave has an LR3 along with his Classic LWB; I can't say enough about the guy! Let me know what you guys decide on the trails, would love to get at least a day with you guys and I'm sure my wife wants to see "Big Blue" in action...
I'm definitely recommending to my friends to do the Driver's course - they've done some training over the last year with me and our club in the past and are getting more and more comfortable taking to the moderate trails, but they would certainly benefit from another group setting with a good instructor.

Depending on how beat up we are after coming off the trails from the prior week, I may indeed take an easy day with you guys and then we would certainly enjoy having you join us as well on some of the harder stuff as well as with our group.

We'll have a few cold ones waiting for you guys! If your wife wants to drive "Big blue" for some photo ops...more than welcome!

I'll be with you guys... in spirit. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures for us.
Have fun with your girls b; when is the date? :thumb:
Thanks. C-section is scheduled for August 4th. But twins often have a habit of popping out sooner, so we are on pre-alert already, bags packed and ready to go on a moment's notice. :lol:
Awesome they've stayed in so long! Must be the environment. Best wishes b. :D

Wait, don't we have med students on the board? We could get them to go... :idea:
umbertob said:
I'll be with you guys... in spirit. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pictures for us.
You'll be missed Umberto...we'll do our best to have enough fun for you as well!

You could always charter a helicopter and fly in for 1 day of trail running and then go back!

P.S. The Lavazza Arabica will be the "official" coffee of the trip! :D :D
umbertob said:
I'll be with you guys... in spirit.
Me too. Will also be looking forward to the pics.
We need your trimmer. :geek:
You mean this one?

It's easy so long as you have a DC/AC converter.
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Haha, yes. I couldn't find the pic.
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