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I'm trying to troubleshoot what's causing my touchscreen / Nav display to be stuck on the Land Rover logo.

Radio works. Nav screen is just stock on the Land Rover logo. Any tips on troubleshooting the cause?

Everything I've seen online points to an issue with a bad module somewhere in the fiber optic MOST network. Or could it be just a bad DVD Navigation module (the one located under the driver seat)?

Best I can tell (based on what I've found in documentation online) the MOST Ring Consists of:

Integrated Head Unit >> Touch Screen Display >> Satellite Digital Audio Receiver >> Telephone Module >> Audio Amplifier >> Rear Seat Entertainment Module >> (then loops back to the integrated head unit)

Where are the rest of the MOST devices located?
Satellite Digital Audio Receiver is in the trunk on the right side, and I've tried bypassing that with a fiber optic bypass but it didn't resolve the issue.
Head unit was replaced previous to the issue due to a damaged screen, so I don't think the problem is with the integrated head unit.
Audio Amplifier is under passenger seat, but since the radio audio works it's probably not the problem either.

I can't find the Telephone Module (where is this module location?) and Rear Seat Entertainment Module (I don't have this feature so I'm assuming it's just not in the car).

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There are 3 locations I recall that are connected via the MOST...
1. Telephone Bluetooth module mounted in the rear cargo area behind the right hand side vertical panel. Relatively small black plastic module. If you have the original one, there are upgrades available, or there were when I owned my 2006 that were a nice upgrade as it allowed the phone number and name to show up on the dash center console, which the original unit did not allow. I used to source it from the UK, possibly some other sources are available now.
2. Amplifier under passenger seat
3. Can't remember for sure, but possibly also the DVD Nav unit under the driver's seat is connected via the MOST ring...not 100% sure on this.
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