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Faulty MAF?. Help

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My 93 RRC is popping a code 12 on the on board diagnostic box, (MAF) so I did the continuitity test per the rave manual. It says im supposed to be getting between .2 - .7 volts and Im getting .02 on one wire and .1 on the other. Does this mean the ECU is bad or the MAF is bad? I have disassembled the MAF and throughly cleaned it with no improvements. Also the truck does not run any differently with it hooked up or disconnected. Thoughts?
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Can you borrow one from another Classic, just for a quick test drive? You could even buy a second hand unit from a used parts centre or even eBay. The one you have doesn't sound right from what you are saying.
Unfortunatly I dont know anybody with a RRC. I have no problem with 2nd hand units I just hate to chuck this one without knowing for sure its faulty. Is there anyway to check the unit directly without going through the ECU?
I'm on holiday at the moment and don't have access to any tech info except the GEMS data. You've obviously got some data there as you have tried to check the data from the MAF which has come back very different.

Ideally, you need to phone around to see if anyone has an automotive oscilloscope like a PicoScope or something, that way the data can me monitored live and checked that way.

The ECU's can turn iffy. My GEMS one is only switching one bank half way, even though my HO2 sensors are working fine.
sometimes they get dry joints, maybe resolder some connections inside and try again.
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