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Before I continue, I cleared the fault with the GAP tool and it hasn't come back and was probably the result of an old battery, I'm not too concerned, so this is more a curiosity than anything and I'm wondering if it's explainable.

I got a fault that takes place in the future! `) According to GAP, on May 13th, 2020 (at 8:36pm...and 38 seconds), my vehicle's transfer case ECU will suffer from low system voltage (a P0562-00 to be precise) and its odometer will be rolled back to 0 miles/km.

I had other cleared faults which were logged on appropriate dates and times, and I thought for a moment that maybe this was due to a hard reset at some point, but I've never heard of a system with a default date set in the future...they typically default to a date in the past when they first went online.

Anyone else ever experience this?

And yes, I did a search of the forum for both the fault, and the year, and alas, we have no time travelers here...that are revealing themselves. Hmmmm...
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