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2006-2009 Range Rover MkIII / L322
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Hi guys any help with this issue is appreciated I am experiencing small vibration intermittent at low acceleration and at 55MPH it goes if I put my foot down or if I am in SPORT mode I do appear to get it. I also have a shudder in R. I have took some readings with my GAP IID tool this is what I got. 1st read was at engine Idle and the 2nd read was at steady cruise 40 MPH. Also I have no loss of power whatsoever gears changes are smooth no slippage I have no shudder at 30MPH up hill but I do get a slight fluctuation on revs though between 1500 2500RPM when accelerating slowly it is noticeable.
1st read
cyl1. 6mm3
cyl2. 1mm3
cyl3 655m3
cyl4. 652m3
cyl5. 652mm3
cyl6. 655mm3
fuel pressure 31744.0kpa
low pressure pump. 427.4kpa

2nd read
cyl1. 4mm3
cyl2. 651mm3
cyl3. 647mm3
cyl4. 653mm3
cyl5. 653mm3
cyl6. 9mm3
fuel pressure 63488.0kpa
low pressure pump 413.7kpa

I have tried injector cleaner but to no avail.
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