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Faulmate MSV2

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Happy new year to all

I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a MSV2, the guy that offered me a Rovacom has disappeared from the face of the earth, so the option was narrowed down. Really looking forward to it's arrival.


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Hi colin

I have received the MSV2 and loaded the software and the TUP codes.
I found the help videos extremely helpful.
I would like to thank all involved at RPI and Blackbox as I only ordered the unit Friday afternoon and had it all setup by Monday night.
Great effort guys.
Now just need to find the time to play with the unit!


Hi Colin

One thought I have just had.
On one of the trips to the main stealer I think they unplugged a connection to the mirror ecu.
They said it was causing a problem which melted the fuse box (3 times) not quick learners.
Will this ecu still be included in the software scan that I sent to blackbox?


1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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