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Faulmate MSV2

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Happy new year to all

I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a MSV2, the guy that offered me a Rovacom has disappeared from the face of the earth, so the option was narrowed down. Really looking forward to it's arrival.


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paul.adshead said:
Does the FBH 'exhaust' just exit in/under the engine bay? No attempt to route it to the rear of the vehicle?
No reason to: the amount of exhaust the FBH produces is next to nothing, so no danger exiting it somewhere up front (I installed these things for a while). Besides, if you're using it as a pre-heater the car isn't moving so having it at the rear doesn't really do that much good.

Hey Paul, Rick, Colin. Haven't really been around too much as of late. Belated happy new year to everyone from me too.

Colin, do you happen to know about the FBH in the TD6? The way I understood it, you can use them as a pre-heater either by unlocking the SW to allow the timer function to be accessed over the MID or Nav screen - or you can install the remote in the trunk. The remote apparently just sends a + signal through a gn/wht wire to pin 1 on the FBH and it runs. As I actually had a Webasto T60 remote (same as the optional OEM remote) and receiver laying around from way back when, and the plug in the back of the TD6 fit (wiring diag's showed the same ins/outs to the same pins) I connected the receiver - nothing. I then tried bridging the + and gn/wht on mine and got nothing either. The FBH works - I heard it just this morning after a short run to the store... I haven't checked to see if the + signal is arriving at the FBH yet. Way too cold to go out and remove the RF wheel liner and crawl around the front wheel. I was just wondering if I understood the function of the remote wiring correctly.
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Thanks for the info, Colin. I'll have to look into it more sometime - prob in summer when the FBH is a real necessity :roll:
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