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Faulmate MSV2

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Happy new year to all

I have finally bitten the bullet and ordered a MSV2, the guy that offered me a Rovacom has disappeared from the face of the earth, so the option was narrowed down. Really looking forward to it's arrival.


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Hiya Paul
And a Happy New Year to you and all too :thumb:
Congratulations on your decision, i am quite sure you will not be dissapointed.

It's probably best anyway as although the ROVACOM might have saved you some or given you coverage you will most likely never need, it is really an old system.

I can't wait to read what you think of it.
If i can offer you any advice it is :
Whatever you do, don't rush it when you get it. follow the step by step procedure as each one is there for a really good reason that is not immediately obvious and without understanding they seem like just red tape.
Check all the bits
register on line
read the help

But these are important
For example you can't really use the unit until you enter your activation codes, you can't get your codes until you register on line, when you register on line you legally agree that all items have arrived undamaged and with nothing missing. So even the first step of checking the goods and telling us if something is not present or is damaged is important.

But most of all, set some time aside to read the help about connecting the unit, registering on line, getting and entering your codes etc as although there is a lot to take in, that will make things go a whole lot smoother and not only enhance your experience of the unit during initial installation and configuration, but it will mean you ultimately get the most from it in use.
You will have to do a vehicle scan and send us the results as well so we know what to activate and there is a section for that too.

To help ease the situation before the unit arrives, you will be sent a link that will allow you to read the help ahead of time.
I really hope this helps and wish you the best, i know you are going to love all the capability and features of the system.

warmest regards
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Ello Rick
Happy new you year to you.
Is it cold enough for ya, i can't help but feel a very tiny twinge of pity as i sit here in my shorts and sun glasses watching the UK weather reports :lol:

Anyway, yea Paul, what he said :thumb:
Mirrors are a sub function of the body controller which we always license on any SV system for a P38 or Disco II.

Be nice to hear what you think of it once you have a bit of usage experience under your belt.

:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
I have been wearing shorts till now, but its started getting a bit chilly over here just 5 degrees this morning 8-0=
I started out to work this morning in the Disco 3, turned all the heating up and heated seats etc.
Now the Disco 3 has a Fuel burning heater fitted and we recently added diagnostic coverage for that which includes a priming routine that fills the thing with way too much Diesel that just stays there till you fire the thing up and burn it off. But that can get a bit smokey so we did not do that in our workshop, and hell we never need it here anyway, or so i thought. However this morning on my way to work the FBH decided to kick in by itself and from the result there must have been a bit too much fuel still in it, causing me to have a definite brown trouser moment.

here is a vid showing one of our Beta testers demonstrating the effect quite well to give you a visual idea of what i went through. :lol: :lol: :lol:

http://www.youtube.com/user/wiggsdisco# ... xo_bvRd6rM
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I don't care how smart i think i am, or how smart anyone else thinks i am, i promise you surely to god, i was out the door fast as a porsche and i defy anyone to have been faster that I was. LOL
No, it is as seen in the vid, just behind the bumpers lower edge Paul. Bear in mind that in normal fueling situations it would hardly have any smoke in the exhaust, and of course when you are traveling, it is just sucked under the car as steve says.
You do get a bit of smoke off the silencer as it heats up though.

Here is another Vid from another beta tester, testing the Disco 4 FBH functions of the MSV-2, it's physically an identical set up in the D3 where you can see the smoke coming off the silencer.


Hiya Steve, welcome back and a happy new year to you too.
TD6, ohh that's taking me back a bit.
I know that there is a setting in the Hevac for it called Park Fuel Burning Heating
So it looks like the remote is supposed to connect to the Hevac which then sends the data to the FBH to engage it.
The timing, whilst adjusted in the Mid or LCD, is controlled by the Instrument pack. Like the trip computer functions, the display unit is merely accessing the info passed to it from the ipack
and there are a couple of park heating settings in there too
I may be wrong, but i am fairly sure that you cant fire up the FBH with a simple plus or minus power on a pin. They typically have a data BUS connection for control. I bus, CAN bus or W Bus, the latter being webasto's own and i know on the Disco 3 that's where the add on timer they use is connected to.
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