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This applies to my M62 V8 engined L322 (2003). I'm pretty sure the shroud is different on the Jag powered Landies.

As many of you with the M62 engine know, in order to access nearly everything under the engine bay (accessory belts, water pump, alternator, etc), the entire fan shroud and fan needs to come off. Unlike most vehicles where this is a trivial and straight forward job, Land Rover/BMW decided to use the fan shroud as a mounting bracket for various hoses and electrical lines. RAVE does a great job of explaining how this is done, but there are a few tricks.

The last time I did this, I filmed it, and I"m posting a link to the DIY for those performing future searches. It's also interesting to note that the shroud can become brittle over time because of the high temps in the engine bay and the brackets can break. Also, the lower bracketry for the cooling hoses can have a hose pop out and rub against the lower crankshaft pulley wheel causing a coolant leak (this happened to me). Because of these two issues, I modified the fan shroud to accept tip zies for additional support.

I will also post the link to both videos below:

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