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Before I bite the bullet and tear apart my dash, I thought I'd see if anyone had a similar experience. I posted a pic I got from google for reference. The HVAC will blow air out the front louvers ONLY on the A/C (snowflake) setting. The next setting (blue wave on top, white wave on bottom) will produce only a very slight breeze, barely noticeable if you put your hand over it. The next two (recirculate and outside air vent) do not work at all.
I have replaced the resistor with the solid-state unit from Atlantic British, and the fan switch will change the speed on the A/C setting.
Also, the lever on the left is completely stuck. I cannot make it move no matter how hard I push.
Any ideas on things to try before I tear out my dash?

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The fans blowing from the vents are the fans for the air conditioning
If you move the bottom left switch
To the left that triggers those fans to come on
Move it to the right and the heater fan comes on
The left lever is for moveing the flap that lets in fresh air and separates the heater and the air conditioning
The right lever just does defrost and foot well
Your heater motor is most likely toast
I would look into the cowel
You can see the fresh air vent there
You can see the heater fan
Sometimes they get filled with leaves and stuff
On my 92
I used a stick and moved the fan to get it working

You can get a fan replacement with a heater core and all the little extras that come with it
Removing the heater assembly isn’t a hard or a bad thing
More a rite of passage
It is time consuming
You could also get another assembly and fix it first
Then do a remove and replace

Also yes you have to remove the entire dash
My 92 the fan is on its last leg
I have already another assembly ready to do the swap
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