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So here we are 2010 and the P38s shows no signs of fading away that soon but to keep them marching on some interesting and odd things are going to have to happen.

ABS braking system is becoming a issue as far as the modulators are concerned, prices are mind boggling to say the least and repairs depending on failure no go, 2 recently solenoid failure.... no repair, no chance as its a safety item and dont want to be sued American style "if" something goes wrong..
To date I have noticed that lack of changing the brake fluid is a concern on many P38s I get, some agree to the fluid change some say dont bother and thats even after telling them the implications, heat from engine is another cause.

Remedy: Change fluid every two years and protect system by means of protection plate from body to bonnet from fire wall to battery box and extended lip on battery lid to bonnet (LHD models) this will also protect the ABS pump, brake mod, fuse box and the battery.

EAS box, air flow meter and engine ECU, all these items including the above mentioned parts are being saturated with engine heat.
The EAS valve block which is made from aluminium absorbs heat very quickly as allye does, this heat transfers quickly into the solenoids which are made of plastic and at the same time houses a stainless steel stem no wonder the o ring on the stems go hard and fail all the time allowing air to leak and vehicle to drop in no time or slowly over night.
And then theres our good ole froend the compressor, the pain of it all and they dont like to much heat either even though by nature of compressing air it gets hot but being hot all the time is not good, heres a quick challenge for you if you like, next time you used the rangie pop open the bonnet/hood and remove the EAS box cover then feel how hot that lot gets, yipe it flipping hot, I bet the airflow meter (MAF sensor) pre 99 would like to be in a cooler area too, that heat sink is more of heat absorber than a heat sink....

Remedy: As mentioned on the first remedy plating from body to bonnet, fire wall to front but Im in favour of moving EAS box to boot on right side as the left over space will take a nice backup battery for those long weekends away or just in case.

Anyway thats just my findings, no doubt it wont bother many but will be of interest to others who enjoy this way of thinking and want to keep their P38s for along time, much like the guys who own classics for decades...
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