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With the Opticoat, they have kits you can do at home, but the it's the detailing that I really want from the installer.

Whatever imperfections you have on the paint and clearcoat before applying the OpitCoat, it'll be there permanently afterwards.

The pro installation usually involves a full detail, and paint clean up, applying the OptiCoat itself is not that trivial.


Thanks for posting about this and giving us a heads up. . . :thumb:

Our RRS is in the shop right now getting Xpel'ed from bumper to fenders. I just called them up and they said it would be over $200 just to get the B-pillars done. Since I don't have the truck in front of me, which parts parts of the RRS Trim would I tell him to include on the quote to get covered? A-Pillar, B-Pillar and Rear?

My other question is regarding the Opti Coat you mentioned. I don't have any installers anywhere near me in NJ. Is this a product that really needs to be done by an installer (as it's 'permanent'), or is it simple enough for me to do at home?

Thanks! PS- Love what you did with your RRS.
1 - 2 of 76 Posts
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