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Factory DVD Question

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I have a 2006 RR Supercharged. It has the factory RSE package, and I have a question. When it's in park, with the emergency brake on, can I view the DVD in the infotainment monitor? I tried, and it is a blank screen. It would come in handy to be able to preview what is playing so I don't have to look back to make sure both monitors are on. Let me know what, if anything, I'm doing wrong. Thanks!
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You'd think there would be no safety concerns in allowing video playback on the front monitor when you are parked, but in its infinite wisdom Land Rover North America (not sure about countries abroad) decided to actually omit a video cable between RSE system and front monitor to make absolutely sure you could not watch anything at all, whether you are parked or not, on the front touchscreen. It took them 2 years to come to their senses, but I think starting with MY08 production it is possible to view DVDs on the front monitor while parked - the image goes blank as the car starts rolling, which is they way the system should have behaved from day 1.

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Regarding video playback on the front touchscreen, it should be possible to retrofit the car with the missing video cable (very hard to find though, and don't expect much cooperation from your local dealer) on MY06-07s to at least gain the possibility to watch DVDs when parked... Or you can go with the solution offered by a company called Nav-TV (search the forum for more info), which will allow you to view DVDs on the front touchscreen, regardless of whether you are parked or rolling. It's an expensive hack, although it works well (I have it on my MY06 Sport) and it is completely transparent and integrated within the stock infotainment system.
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