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Factory Car Pick Up

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Currently I am configuring my new RR P400e here in Germany. BMW, Mercedes, Audi and other German car companies offer the option to pick up your car directly from the factory, and often with production or museum visit.

Since my son is living in London, it would be great to combine a visit with a factory car pick up, specially when you consider that the transport to Germany takes some time and costs £ 1000+.

Is this possible for Land Rovers too? And if so, where can this be done?
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Unfortunately you can't...you absolutely can get a factory tour and even some off road driving instruction...but they do not offer pick-up...the only think I could think of is picking up a Left Hand drive vehicle and driving it in the UK could be a liability... Porsche and MB still have the best programme...
Yes you CAN have a factory pick up - you have to add it when speccing up a new car on the Land Rover website - screenshot attached from the "Optional features" tab.
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That is for the UK only....you cannot from another country...
... and it is expansive compared with Mercedes and others.
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