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Factory Brush Bar Centre Brackets

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Hi All,

Managed to get myself a slighty used Factory Brush Bar.

It is missing the two central mounting brackets for attachement to the top of the standard bumber.

I got the original extended mounting bolts, spacers and end bumber brackets so I can't complain `)

Does anyone have drawings, a template, measurements etc for the brackets so I can fabricate some...

Appritiate the help

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I've just removed these brackets from my bumper this weekend. I would sell you these for 40US$. However, just checked shipping from here would be more than 50US$. Not sure, if you're interested. I will put them on a scale to check the weight. I just estimated 1 kg per pcs.

I also have the factory front- and headlight grills.

Hey, I've just taken mine off as well, I'll take mine into work tomorrow and make a drawings for you. Send me your email and I'll send you a copy.

Speak to Brett at Top Of The Range in Auckland (09) 4158148. They had some brackets lying around. No idea on price but probably cheaper than fabricating your own.

Where did you get the Brush bar from? I'm looking for a brush bar wing

thanks for the tip. I spoke to Brett's opo and he said they didn't have anything like that? Maybe I spoke to the wrong person...

I put an "Items Wanted" on trademe... He found me that way.

I got the Bar of a guy in Fielding who had just removed it off his nice looking green example.... I chatted to him, and looks like the brackets were never on there when he bought it. It was just held on by the bolts and spacers.. It has a couple of cuts in the rubber. I intend to seal them somehow then do the whole thing in black rubber paint if I can find some in NZ...

I'll keep my ear to the ground and let you know if I hear of another bar.

Thanks again for the tip
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Just spoke to them; the set they had have gone sorry.

Another place to try is Triumph Rover Spares in Adelaide
but they're not the sharpest on price
Thanks for following that one up.

I did get a quote back from Triumph Rover Spares when I asked about a whole bar... Like you say, not the sharpest on price, but a good source for those bits you just can't get. I have a friend who runs a garage in Sydney. I'll get in touch with him and see if he can get some things from them locally as it were... He has an old Triumph Stag he is renovating

Are you just looking for one side? Like I say I'll keep a lookout
Hey Barry,

Check your email...

Having a look at these brackets, modifying them slightly (or not) and they could be a great start for a light bracket. I'm sure i was not the first to think that though.

Guys, I'm having a devil of a time sourcing these in the USA as well, any chance someone could email me drawings/measurements so I can fab a pair?
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