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Hello guys, sorry to resurrect an old thread but I'm about to complete my facelift conversion.

My RRS is a 2014 L494, I've already swapped the rear end to the facelift style and have now bought all the parts I need for the front end conversion. For the lights I took the risk and ordered some of the plug-n-play Chinese headlights. They were delivered to me yesterday and on first inspection they look really good, haven't tested them yet though.

Here's a quick video showing the unboxing of one of the lights. I haven't reviewed them at this point because there's not much to say other than "it looks like a headlight" but I will do a full review once they are fitted.

Here's my progress so far:

View attachment 293499 View attachment 293500

The only issue I have encountered so far is that that the parking sensors from my old bumper didn't fit the new bumper, they were slightly narrower than the holder. I ordered some more parking sensors that I was told would work, today I fitted them and although they were the correct shape/size and physically fit my original pre-f/l bumper wiring loom, they still don't work when the car is put into reverse. I either need a different loom and/or different sensors. Could anyone offer any suggestions on this? I bought my bumper without the sensors/loom so had to use my old stuff.

With regards to the front end I was hoping that the bumper would arrive today so I could fit everything but the courier didn't turn up and is now saying Wednesday...(n)

Although I have't started the front end conversion yet I have a few pointers that it would be useful to have known earlier:

1) In addition to the parking sensors, the wiring loom for the front bumper is different to the pre-facelift. The connectors for the fog lights are different. I'm told that you can use the original loom but you will need to extend some of the PDC wiring and splice in the correct connectors for the fog lights (unless you go SVR bumper route which has no fogs).

A few Ive seen online say that they transplanted the parking sensor holders from their old bumper and bonded them on the new bumper so that they can use their original sensors but I'm hoping for a neater solution that doing this if possible.

2) The intercooler ducts are also different, they're smaller on the facelift. Others that have done the conversion said that they have just left the ducts off altogether, but again I'd rather do it the right way if possible. I ordered 2 of the facelift ducts from JLR.

3) The bumper carrier is different. This is the long curved bar that runs underneath the headlights the entire width of the car. It might be possible to use the original pre-facelift one with some modification - I'm not sure what the differences are but I know they have a different part number. Also on some of those Pre Facelift to Facelift SVR conversion kits (where you buy the whole kit from China in one go) I noticed that they include a replacement bumper carrier so I imagine you must need it. Either way I picked up a replacement facelift one from JLR.

4) The headlight washer system is different on the facelift, the caps and the washer mechanism from the pre-fl bumper doesn't fit the facelift. I ordered new ones from JLR.

5) This is an important one... Most of the used front bumpers on eBay etc (even the complete looking ones) actually have a lot of the mounts removed from inside. Looking at them on eBay they look ready to go, but obly since I bought my bumper did I realise that I'm actually missing :
  1. The mounts that the headlight washer mechanism screws onto
  2. The inner side mounts that the wheel arch liners screw into.
No problem I thought, I'll just order some from JLR. But once I actually tried to do this I found out that you can't buy these parts separately, they come as part of the bumper. Apparently when most aftermarket bodykits are fitted they don't come with headlight washer jet or side wheel arch liner mounts so the mounts are removed from the donor bumper and bonded onto the aftermarket. 90% of the bumpers I've seen on eBay have the mounts removed.

I have asked advice on this and I'm told that the best thing to do is blank off the headlight washer hoses and just screw/bond the washer jet covers onto the bumper because the are not really needed. The other side mounts can (apparently) be used from my old pre-fl bumper with a little modification and plastic welding (which I'm not keen on doing if I can help it).

The obvious solution for anyone new attempting this is to make sure that you buy a bumper that has all these things on. Most of the bumpers on eBay that don't have them are still described as "complete" because they have the grills, lights, etc but they're still not really complete because they're missing the vital components.

This one as you can see is bare in the corner (and you can just about see that there's no where for the washer jets to attach because the mount is totally missing):

View attachment 293501

This one has a whole plastic inner mount and you can see the screw holes where the arch liners would attach:

View attachment 293502

In my case I found a damaged facelift bumper really cheap on eBay that comes bare (i.e no grills/lights/etc) but luckily still does actually have the plastic inserts that I need, but it looks like I'm still going to have to get the plastic welder out to fit them.

The only snag with doing this (i.e fitting the original facelift inner side mounts and not te ones from my pre-facelift number) is that apparently the front arch liner is actually different. If you transplant the inner mounts from your pre-fl bumper you can use your original arch liner, if you use the facelift mounts you must also use the facelift arch liner..

Also, in my case I don't have the parking assist extra parking sensors at the edges of the bumpers, so I have made sure to buy a bumper that also doesn't have the holes for the sensors, otherwise you also have to buy 2 extra dummy sensors to fill the holes. Also if for example you do buy a "complete" facelift bumper with wiring loom etc and it's from the park assist car (with extra sensors etc) the wiring loom connector physically won't actually fit the connector on your car so it's a bit of a minefield.

I Imagine I'm going to have all sorts of problems with the front bumper wiring and PDC sensors just like I'm having with the front, but I knew that this wasn't going to be a straightforward conversion before I started.

Anyway, thought I'd share my tips and I'll update progress as I go on.

Wish me luck..
Much Luck Wished! Use the salvaged new parking sensor brackets along with the parking sensors for sure. I use that system every single day. AND, you 100% need the wheel-well-shields/Splash Guards firmly reinstalled with the new bumper and same fenders. Those Splash-Guards majorly help keep all the sensitive electronics under the hood and tucked inside the front bumper up-&-away from standing street/ponding water that can soak sensors/electronic connections and make them malfunction... They certainly aren't water-proof, but they protect against splashing and soak-age and nasty puddle and
street-wash & even dirtier-doushe...

I love my Zenon headlights and their razor focus... The front fogs are really nice as well... But I can certainly see room for improvement/more focus beamed light.

The Parking Assist Sensor male/female housing(s) are going to have to be 100% compatible as well as your rear PA Assist, it's sensors and connection housing as well. Meaning, all prongs are going to have to align/sync up perfectly to operate.

The Headlight Washers, agreed, are Moot and more trouble/dirty than what they are worth so bypass them and the hosing if you can as long as you have windshield wiper fluid capacity.

As for working front and rear Fogs, I use them both as well for the random times when it's foggy and low light conditions exists here. So I'd 100% would want them functional.

Good luck and I look forward to you putting it all together and making it work!

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Well it’s a matter of personal opinion. In my case not doing it for anyone else to notice. Also I wasn’t going to go through the trouble without making it a complete conversion. I’ve seen several people do the conversion on YouTube and if they are selling the wire loom obviously it’s not as bad as it seems but again it’s about personal preference. As soon as I get started on putting it all together I will post lots of pictures!! Wish me luck!

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you will have issues with the fog lights. The old bumper harness wont work with the new fog lights. You’ll need the headlight conversion connector too. Im doing a 2016 Range Rover to new SVO facelift and im waiting to see if i can splice the new fog light harness connection( when it come ) to the old bumper harness.

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Hello guys, it's been a while since I updated my progress. I've now completed the facelift and thought I'd share some of the information to help other guys doing the same.

Firstly, as I mentioned above, I bought some Matrix-style aftermarket headlights from Alibaba. This turned out to be a huge mistake. Once of the headlights had a loose screw inside, the other had a cable tie stuck in there with no way to get it out. I fitted the lights anyway until I could get some replacements and the light pattern was awful, seriously bad. The seller insisted that they were UK legal so I took them to a local car garage here in the UK to get them adjusted and tested. 5 minutes in and the guy calls me over saying that he has had to set the beam as low as it will possibly go in order to meet the regulations, but even then technically they would fail the test due to the light pattern. He showed me that there should be a distinct sharp horizontal line but on these lights it was just a hazy splodge (for want of a better word) of light. I could tell just from driving in the dark that the light beam on my original pre-facelift lights was significantly better than these Matrix replicas.

In addition to the awful light beam, inside the cabin the lights also caused the indicator/blinker light to flash really fast to tell you that a bulb was out. On the outside the indicator looked great, worked fine and had the sweeping indicator light, but it was driving me crazy inside flashing at a hundred miles an hour every time I made a turn.

I ended up returning the lights to the seller for a refund which was a shame because they looked really good, the indicators looked good too and when you unlocked the car the lights did a little flashing dance/sequence that looked really good, but at the end of the day it's no good having a headlight that looks great but doesn't actually do what it's supposed to do.

Second time around I bought some more MID lights from another seller on Alibaba. This time the lights were original UK spec RHD lights. They have all the Varroc/LR logos on, LR part numbers/stickers etc, but the seller has to remove/scratch these off to get it through customs. I have inspected the lights and you can still see the logos and where the stickers were, they're just scratched over and covered with tape. Other than that they are the real deal and work brilliantly.

The knockoff lights just had a pre-facelift connector on the back. The genuine lights have the facelift connector on the rear which is totally different to the pre-facelift. It does however come with a plug-n-play wiring loom that piggy backs into the original wiring so fitting was really easy. These lights don't do the little dance when you turn the car on and they don't have sequential indicators/blinkers which is a shame, but I have had them tested at the same UK MOT centre and they passed right away with no adjustment needed. The light pattern is a nice sharp horizontal line. The interior indicator/blinker also now works normally which is a relief.

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Following on from my post above about the headlights, I thought I'd share some information with regards to the actual front end facelift. I actually posted this on another forum to begin with but hopefully someone here might find it useful:

The rear bumper upgrade (I've already posted info on this earlier in the thread) was a fairly big job for a driveway DIY, but the front end conversion was a much bigger undertaking.Mainly because of the sheer amount of parts needed to do the job properly.

Having said that, the front end would have been significantly easier if I'd had all the information and part numbers etc of exactly what was needed. That's half the battle as loads of people have done this conversion but the information online is incomplete/sketchy and often incorrect.

There's lots of things that can be 'bodged' or just simply left out if you are happy to do that and save some money, but I wanted to do this job properly.

First off, below are the parts that are needed to do the job properly:

Front Facelift Bumper (complete with grills/fogs/brackets - see info above for more information about the brackets!)
Front Facelift Wings
Facelift Bonnet Vents
Facelift Side Vents
Front Bumper Mount/Carrier (PART NO LR117396)
Washer Jets and Hoses (PART NO LR109996 & LR109997)
Washer Jet Covers (PART NO LR099329 & LR099324)
Intercooler Ducts (PART NO LR100578 & LR100580)
Facelift Parking Sensor Rubber Gaskets (I don't have the part number for these but they are very slightly different to the pre-facelift ones)
Front Bumper Fog light connectors (If you're fitting SVR bumper this isn't needed. In my case I couldn't source just the connectors so I just ordered a facelift front bumper loom and used the fog light connectors off that)
Front Wheel Arch Liners (PART NO LR116780 & LR116779)
Front Headlights (I bought mine on Alibaba, but there's various different options you can do here so I'll leave it at that).


As I said above there's some parts that you can either leave out complete or just modify your original - For example:

-The front wheel arch liners are only needed if you use the facelift front bumper brackets, if you transplant your old brackets off the pre-facelift bumper you can use your old arch liners without modification. You can also 'modify' your old arch liners to work with the facelift bumper brackets but you need to cut them to fit with a Dremel. In my case I just bought the facelift arch liners.

-The intercooler ducts are different on the facelift, you can either order the ducts from the facelift 4.4 V8 from the dealership (the facelift 3.0d variant only has the duct on one side so order the 4.4 versions that have ducts both sides) or you can just leave the ducts off completely which is what most people do. I bought the facelift ducts and they fitted straight on with no modification.

-The washer jet covers can just be screwed into place if you don't want to bother with buying the extra washer jets/hoses/bumper brackets etc. In UK at least you don't actually need to have working washer jets on LED lights (at the time of writing, could change in the future).

-The front Fog Light Connectors. If you are fitting an SVR bumper you don't need these anyway because they don't have fogs at all. The UK MOT rules state that you don't actually need to have Fog lights on your car, but if you DO have them, they must actually work. If your country law is different you could get away without sourcing the new fog light connectors.

The actual process of installing the kit isn't hard once you have exactly what you need, the hard part is trying to offer things up and trying to work out why it won't fit or what's missing. But hopefully you won't have the same problems I did because you will now know exactly what you need :)

Jack up the car, whip the wheels and arch liners off, take off front bumper, unbolt headlights, unbolt bumper carrier, unbolt wings (right side is harder because you need to take the washer bottle out to access the last bolt).

Repeat the above process in reverse fitting all the new parts, that's easy.

The next hard part is the front bumper wiring loom and parking sensors. You will need to first fit the new (larger) rubbers onto your original parking sensors. Drop the sensors into the bumper brackets, they will sit snug but they are not secure so you will have to take a hot glue gun (or some other adhesive) and squirt that between the bracket gaps and the sensor. Originally I used hot glue as a temporary fix, but because it sets rock hard and fills the gaps and contours of the sensor/brackets it actually is much stronger than I expected, the sensor is certainly not going anywhere so I would definitely recommend this approach. Within a couple of seconds the parking sensors are set in place rock solid.

Here you can see the old (pre-facelift) sensor rubbers on the right and the new (slightly thicker) rubbers on the left:


The next bit is the front bumper wiring loom. As above, you might not need to do this is you're fitting SVR bumpers or if you're not bothered about using the fogs at all. In my case I needed the fogs and was fitting a standard facelift bumper. The facelift bumper wiring loom 100% definitely does NOT work with the pre-facelift parking sensors and the facelift sensors don't work with the pre-facelift wiring. You therefore need to use your old sensors and old wiring loom, but one of the sensors wires (the outer left one) will need to be extended so it can stretch to reach the hole and the fog light connectors are very different, so you will need to graft the new connectors onto the old loom. I did this using those waterproof connectors that have solder inside, you just join the wires, heat it with a heat gun and the solder melts and the outer plastic forms a strong and waterproof seal. It's self explanatory where the wires need to go as the colours are the same.

You now just fit your facelift headlights (hopefully you have bought a set of plug-n-play ones rather than the ones that involve soldering/coding etc), refit the bumper and you're away.

Once I had all the parts above I did the entire front end conversion in just over half a hay. i could do it even quicker if I did it again.

Here's the pic of mine finished, I will be getting the grey bumper trim wrapped/painted black at some point:


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Hello again gents, following my conversion ive got a niggling issue with the front grill not sitting quite flush. Generally you don’t notice it, nobody other than me has noticed it, but if you get up close to the sides you can see that the bottom part of the grill is sticking out.

I thought this was just me, then I saw pics of another facelifted car with the exact same problem.

Before I get the Dremel out and adapt this to fit I thought I’d check here to see if any of you boys have had the same problem?

Here’s mine:

Here is the other photo I saw of another facelifted car with exactly the same issue:


Any advice here guys?

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Good luck mate.
I facelifted my 2014 RR sport into the new svr looks, bunpre, fenders and headlamps are all aftermarket. Had to cut and adapt the intercooler ducts.
As for the sensors, yes the housings are different. You can either adapt those or remove them and install the original ones in the new bumper.. Either way it won't be a huge hassle.
I decided to install fog lamps in the svr bumper, so I cut holes just below the side vents and fitted them with some custom brackets and sealant. I was able to use some yellow airbag connectors from another car wich are exactly the same as 2018 range rover led fog lamp connectors.. Cut the old ones from wiring and soldered them on.
Asnfor the fenders, I tried and use the old inner mounts and they work perfectly with the bumper.
As for the headlamps..
I went the aftermarket route. They are good, the light beam is fine. I had an issue thought, once fitted them, the adaptive headlamp fault appeared in the dashboars.. Luckily was able to code it out of the car via GAP tool.. My headlamps had just 6 pins on the connector, yours seems to have more... So probably it's already coded to remove that fault.

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Second time around I bought some more MID lights from another seller on Alibaba. This time the lights were original UK spec RHD lights. They have all the Varroc/LR logos on, LR part numbers/stickers etc, but the seller has to remove/scratch these off to get it through customs. I have inspected the lights and you can still see the logos and where the stickers were, they're just scratched over and covered with tape. Other than that they are the real deal and work brilliantly.

@Rango85 you remember what seller off of Alibaba you bought your headlights from and what you paid for them?
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