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Hi Everyone.

I have purchased a 2019 Facelift Rear bumper fit to my 2014 5.0 S/C.

I have to modify my existing exhaust as it clashes with the bumper static 'exhaust tips' on the new bumper.

Has anyone done this previously and if so can they advise how much to cut off / How to modify? My feeling is to cut the exhaust just before the 'double' skin part of the tail pipe - about 10mm out from the exhaust hanger. But this maybe too short (Although the fumes will still obviously exhaust).

Also the exhaust hanger 'Diamond' rubbers clashes with the new bumper tip steelwork. Source straight rubbers or fettle the steelwork?

Images attached.

Any experienced advice welcome!

Hi, for many that does this mod, most cut at the part when the exhaust covers end. So you are left with about 35% of the exhaust tip. So far many done it without much issue. If you want you can weld in another tip if you find it too short. The original exhaust tip for the 2018+ L494 will have a small rectangular tip inside the static exhaust cover.
for myself, I did not cut off anything.My bodywork shop sort of heat the exhaust tip and bend it straight and the original fits inside the facelift bumper exhaust housing. Matter of preference. I am considering to cut off also actually.
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