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Extreme air only!

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The fan on the heater of my 93 LWB only works on full setting ...is it on the way out? Can I fix it? Will it be an electrical or mechanical fault? Is it easy to get to? Anyone know the answers? Anyone able to suggest what to do?
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It could be the switch itself. Do you have a wiring diagram for your model?
Either switch or resistor. Switch easy. Resistor not so easy....
Mine's the same. Resistor is the problem but a bit fiddly for a winter's day fixing. Apparently the panel under the winscreen wipers between the window and bonnet has to come off and there are two very inexcessible bolts that need undoing to get it off.

Thanks for all the replies. Seems I shall have to wait on this one! Have no garage or shelter so this weather has got to warm up before I do anything! I have a wiring diagram so should be able to locate the bits! Thanks again
Belay that last post! I do NOT have a wiring diagram!
edorc said:
Belay that last post! I do NOT have a wiring diagram!
Downlaod RAVE from the internet. It'll be for a '95 but will be close enough to get you running.
When mine did this it was the resistor.
Panel does not have to come off.

Maybe it doesn't for Left Hand drive versions but I will have to look at mine to see if that way is possible as it is Right hand Drive. Great tip though.

Resistor is at AB for 50 bucks. It is located under the passenger side cowl vent. Hire a ten year old with small hands to help you. I had to access one of the nuts threw the hinge hole with a long driver extension with a bit duct taped to it. Seriously hard to get to, but do able. No need for a wiring diagram. Once you pull out the old resistor you need to pull the wires and a plug will pop out of the firewall. Unplug it and plug in the new one. Remount. That is the easy part. Here is the link from AB: http://www.roverparts.com/Parts/PRC8010.cfm

AB instructions: http://www.roverparts.com/Instructions/ ... 8010_1.cfm
Thanks everyone! Will take all the advice and when the weather warms up will have a go!
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