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On my old M5 2 years ago I was thinking about using delta as they quoted $3300 for 5 years forgot the mileage while dealers wanted like $8000 minimum. I went with another company autopom which was “identical� to delta in wording, layout, etc just a bit cheaper. Autopom didn't cover anything and always had a way out. I ended up canceling it and getting 30% back. Big waste and headache.

For a brief period of time I got a 14 L405 autobiography last year and went with delta. Guess what? They did the same thing autopom would do and didn't cover anything, everything would be preexisting, or not covered due to some technicality. One time they covered something and then never paid the dealer. The dealer in turn blacklisted me LOL

On my current M5 i paid $8400 through the dealer to buy a warranty through them Lexus Financial (4/48k) no deductible. They've covered everything so far and never give me any issues. The dealers love them too and they are awesome to work with. any lexus or Toyota store can sell this warranty. I bought mine at bmw who also owned a Lexus store next door.

I just picked up a LWB 14 l405 last month and went with Ally Major Guard for 4/48k was around $6000 with 200 deductible. Ally is a bank and backed by GM or is GM can't remember the specifics. Some Land Rover dealers sell this warranty as well at a much higher cost. I got mine through a Nissan dealer. Didn't use it yet but have heard great things from my friends who have it on various higher end bmws (7 series, M cars).

Here's what I realized from my recent adventures. You can buy a junk warranty for cheap but at the end of the day it will never come through and you'll have a false sense of peace. You'll spend more money in the long run with one of these cheap companies. You're better off keeping that money saved up for a big repair.

Expensive warranties seem like a waste of money and they are on certain cars. The M5 has a somewhat high engine failure rate due to defective rod bearings which is documented and all over the forums. A new engine is around $40k. That'too much of a risk for me to take.

These range rovers are great no real fatal flaws. However the timing issues with the older V8s due to plastic guides and the air suspension, control arms which always need replacing, potential supercharger issues, to me it was a no brainer.

I hope this helps someone out
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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