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Extended Warranty - Any luck ??

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So time for me to get extended warranty for my 2015 RRS.. Anybody got one recently..
Looks like I'm going to spend more time looking for a warranty compared to the time I spent purchasing the car itself.. Thatz because, dealers either don't care or just give some ridiculous numbers.. Any references ?
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My CPO warranty runs out in November. I'm debating on whether to extend it. My 17' RRS V8 only has 35K miles on it but did just have to replace one of the front CV joints which I'm sure was at least $2k. My dealer offered 2 options through Land Rover themselves: 24 months/24K miles for $5,928 or 36 months/36K miles for $6,701. The other option was a third party warranty through Axiom 72 months/75K miles for $9,137.

I plan on keeping the vehicle maybe another 2 years but maybe not. If I opt to extend I'd probably stick with the Land Rover issues warranty. I'm assuming that they would negotiate some on the price. I've had a ton of Lexus vehicles that never had problems so never even thought about a warranty. Needing a new CV joint at less than 36K miles seems kind of strange. This is what's making me seriously consider extending the warranty.
I'm still debating if it's worth spending $2,300 per year for a 3yr warranty. It's not my daily driver and I've put about 10K miles on it since I got it about 16 months ago. Currently has just under 37K miles.
Did you purchase that from a LR dealer? If so, can you provide name, and person you dealt with?
I'd like to know as well.
Well, got some good news just dropping the RRS off at the dealership for an issue. I told them to "feel free to also check the rest of the vehicle over thoroughly since the CPO warranty expires next month." The SA pulled my info up and says my warranty is actually good until 12/11/23. The dealership I purchased the vehicle from (out of state) told me it expired 11/12/22. Sweet!!! I'll take it! Glad I didn't go through with trading this in a few weeks back. I was also on the verge of buying an extended warranty as well. Thankful to not have to worry about this for another year. :D
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