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I have a range rover vogue'04 l322. the truck has a history of water leakining to amp boot before me buying it. i didnt care about it because radio/cd working fine since 2 years. Nowadays, in 1 of 2 rides, 5 minutes after start, first the sound goes away with the explosion sound, after a while the music plays, but it starts to sound ugly. Even if I turn off the radio, the explosion sounds keep coming. I found the remedy to turn the radio back on and then turn the sound low, and turn it off again. so the popping sounds come in low pitch. It also drains the battery in 24 hours as a result of the amplifier being able to switch on and make popping sounds even when the radio is turned off. truck ate 1-year battery in 1 night. When this problem starts, it continues until turning off the ignition. Play either a CD, a cassette or a radio, the same explosions and sh.tty sounds..

The problem is solved when you turn the vehicle off and on, the sounds are excellent. but on the next ride the same problem arises. Is this problem related to the amplifier or wiring system? Does anyone have an idea?

you may check the video below:
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