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Hi All,

Just bought my 1st Range Rover - a 2007 V8 HSE. (bought yesterday, but when testing discovered an issue with the Fob/Locking - its been sent to Land Rover for repair).

Looking forward to active participation, got a few things that will need sorting (Removing the Nokia Cradle, Adding some way of iPhone integration).

Any hints and tips welcome.

I used to own a Porsche Cayenne until yesterday, the Porsche Forum was a great source of help but was also full of Dicks who talked crap and shot down anyone who wasn't an "Expert" from the get go.

Hoping you are all much more welcoming.

Live in Arizona, but work all over the USA and the World as my job is global, perhaps a beer can be had if i find myself in your town?

Had this

Now have this
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