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Existing '03 Audio and DVD setup. Why DVD audio is "low"?

Hi All,

So my holiday 2009 project is understanding why my aftermarket Clarion DVD changer audio sounds 1/10th as loud when compared to the CD or radio. For background purposes, my 03 was purchased "as is" from Land Rover. The previous owner was a MLB player who added the Euro-spec TV unit so that the front LCD will play television. In addition, he added an aftermarket Clarion VCZ 625 DVD changer and 2 LCD screens (one for each head rest). When a DVD is played, all three LCDs play the same material.

My normal Land Rover audio sounds just fine but when I switch over to the Clarion DVD player, the sound is very hush quiet and needs the volume turned waaaaay up in order to hear. In addition, the DVD sound seems to only be audible from the front speakers (left door, center dashboard, right door) --- the rear seat speakers are very hush quiet as compared to the front speakers when any DVD audio source is playing. The subwoofer is basically mute when a DVD is playing. Finally, I'm starting to experience sound-outs / sound drops where the DVD audio just cuts out completely (especially when driving over bumps).

So the big question is "why?". BTW, it's ALWAYS been like this ever since I bought the vehicle (except for the now occurring sound outs) and I even brought it back to the original installers for diagnosis and they played off the low volume like it's normal.

I took a picture of the A/V section of the vehicle. Are there any suggestions on how this thing is wired up? Any hints as to how the wires are run (wiring schematic) throughout the vehicle? Any thoughts as to where I should check for loose connections other than the obvious cables that are connected to the Clarion unit?

Thanks in advance and happy holidays!

I also tried to attach a picture which shows 5 pieces of hardware.


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Re: Existing '03 Audio and DVD setup. Why DVD audio is "low"?

OK, first off. The input for the TV is Mono, so you will have the same sound at each channel at the front.

Second as this isnt standard LR equipment there are a million reasons why the sound is so low, I would hazzard a guess that the "expert installers" tapped into somewhere they shouldnt. Maybe take it somewhere decent?

Third, how is the sound using the headphones whilst watching the headrests, as this should be independant from the car audio etc?

And fourth, you need the RAVE Workshop Manual, wireing diagrams galore in there for you.

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