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Dear all,
Help me.
Everything was working perfectly with my 4 month old Evoque SE 2017 and a OnePlus 5T Android 7.1 phone.
Music, phone, contacts ... everything was working like a charm.
Then I had to go to the dealer for some firmware stuff.
When I took my car back : Bluetooth disconnects than reconnects after 30 sec than drops again after one or two minutes then reconnects etc etc etc --> un-usable.
As a result I called the dealer and he said "let's make an appointment with an RR engineer in 4 weeks".
The appointment was today...
I just get my car back and it's worse than ever. I can't connect more than 3 sec than it drops the bluetooth connection.
Just for the record, during that day, the garage loaned me another Evoque close to be brand new.
So I was able to test my phone on the bluetooth of that other RR (same media system as mine the one without CD Player). Test results : I did not have any problem with it all day long, everything worked perfectly.

Please help me, what can I do technically speaking. What should I get or should I obtain from my dealer ?
You must know, I've tried all the possible ways to pair the phone and the car : un-pair everything, clear phone's bluetooth settings, clear car's bluetooth settings, disable : enable bluetooth services, soft reboot, hard reboot, leaving the car without anything for a night, killing a chicken above a fire of tropical wood. I've tried EVERYTHING I can think of !
I do not want to change phone as it worked perfectly before and the OnePlus T5 is a great one.
My dealer left me without any solution other than "Look on my iPhone 6 : it works". And I was thinking : Ok thank you I don't give a S*!t of YOUR phone.
Sorry folks I'm really pissed, help me guys.

Have a great one,
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