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Well ive owned my vogue 4.4 now for 8 months and apart from expecting a new warning message every time i open the door , i love it. However i have had some issues i am still dealing with one being the air bag light on dash permenently on , have tried pre tensioner and steering wheel and usuals.
Presently i am dealing with the ongoing EAS problem. Just after buying it started displaying AIR SUSP INACTIVE after heavy downpour. After much forum research pointed to leak in rear well effecting compressor. Rear tyre well one or two inches of water. After drying compressor and fixing leak it started to work again and even the display cleared message. Three months later it started playing up pumping front end up at traffic lights and when parked dropping to one side. It has always been bit querky doing odd adjustments or hissing after parking but three days after started playing up noticed displaying innactive message but it stays on longer after ignition switched off and height adjust LEDS are all off so assume hard fault. Before with previous prob the height it was in just seized the hold button on with permenent LED. I now see the front N/S air bag is soft and permenently down a bit. Ive booked it in at specialist but wondered if any thoughts before take in incase they have trouble. Could it be a height sensor as had just jetwashed under arch, could that effect it. Obviously now have no compressor at all now in hard fault where as before came back to life on own.
My second brain teaser seems to be my ignition. It started not long after buying. Odd occassion turn key and on final turn at level 2 would not make any contact to starter with no noise at all. This would happen maybe once every seven times with some weeks never happening. It always starts second time after returning switch back and on again. After taking dealer he said cant be immobiliser because click makes when put in lock. The full dash comes on everytime so dont see as battery as never prob when leave for month on holiday. It also sometimes when turn springload does nothing but suddenly when release starts turning over on its own a second later. Looking at many other car forums points to faulty barrel electric switch . Can anyone else concur or add to this.
Any advice or thoughts on these matters be agreat help
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