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just changed my shockers on my P38, while doing it i left it on high setting, after it was completed I dropped the height back to normal and everything seemed ok, went for a test drive but the rear seemed high, but no other problems until after about 10 miles I got the eos fault drive max 35 mph, not had any previous problems apart from two new rear height sencors fitted under guarantee when I bought it some 4 years ago, where do I go from here, any ideas guys?
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Hi, Welcome,

Please check your height sensor and cables... you must have a problem related with your last shock, change :wink:

I agree with tomcat, if you did any extra lifting to get the shocks in, you mayhave damaged a sensor.
Three Phase said:
Didnt you hear,? O is the new A. :shhh:
Dear GAWD I need some coffee. His typo went right over my head. :roll:
No, it is no typo, the o is replaced with an e, as in sailorman, dig it! EOS stands for Ehh, Owh, Shucks! :lol:
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