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Engine upgrade question

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Hey fellas. I have a 2008 Range Rover HSE. It needs an engine. I want to know can I put a Chevy engine in it without getting the transmission kit or can I just change the engine and transmission
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I believe this has been covered in the past. I cant blame you for considering it... I would too if I needed a new engine since I live in the Detroit area and LS engines are cheap and easy to find here. I am into timing chains and head gaskets on my 09 HSE right now... I was quoted close to $12k for that service. I have the space and tools to do it myself and the parts only cost $1400. After all the work is complete, I will wonder if it would've been just as easy to swap to an LS. Regarding your situation, there will be an interference issue with the front drive shafts and I would do a lot of research into the electronics side. Keep us updated on the benefits & tradeoffs...

The ZF 6HP was used in a lot of vehicles so there's a good chance you could adapt to it. Specifically, I would direct your question to RRPhil. He seems like one of the experts on these transmissions.

ZF 6HP transmission - Wikipedia

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Yup, it can be done. You will need a complete standalone system from the ECU right to the gas pedal, things like radiator, power steering, a/c unit will all need to be adopted to fit. You will probably need a HPFP dropped into the tank as well. When it's all said and done, i'm sure it will be quite a bit more expensive than sourcing a new engine or buying a used car...even if you do all the work. The old one still has to come out and a new something still has to go in. If it were me, I'd either sell the car and get another (you can find many 2010+ L322's for under 15k) or buy a used engine and it's plug and play. I replaced the engine in my 2013 Touareg TDI, it was a lot of work despite everything bolting up. Still had to iron out many gremlins despite being an exact swap. That was my 5th engine pull/replace, and by far the most complicated. If this would be your first swap, you'll be able to do anything afterwards! I'm afraid if you are asking on this forum you are barking up the wrong tree and probably would be way in over your head.
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Imo the hardest part would be getting all the computers to communicate with eachother properly if you want things like the dash to work and hvac controls ect...all the systems have to work together and when one goes missing they freak out and things don't work anymore.
It would be simple enough to put an LS in and mate it to the trans ect...the problem is the factory ecm and harness won't be compatible with the LS obviously. Even some serious tuning and software writting may not solve the issues as it will want to see readings from the hpfp that you no longer have, dohc's you no longer have, different oiling, different firing order lol...your only real option I can think of would be to run a standalone ecm like a Terminator or Haltech and try integrating that into the LR's BCM and other systems through coding....ive never tried it, im sure it could be done but by the time you finish paying for all that, is it going to be worth it?
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