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kennyb said:
. . . but the books explanation was incredibly vague. . . .anyone have this experience?
That's because it could be a ton of things causing it to pop up, from a dirty MAF sensor to a software calibration issues to a malfunctioning S/C cooling pump. Land Rover wants you to remain ignorant and take the car to the dealer so they can hook it up to their computers and read the exact trouble code (which should have been stored in memory) to identify the specific problem - all you and any mechanic without a fault code reader will see is that creepy message of doom on your dash... :wink: If the message doesn't reappear after a restart and the car seems to be running fine, don't sweat it and wait until your next scheduled service visit to tell your dealer or indy shop about it, but be sure to tell them or they may not look it up and clear any stored fault messages.
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