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I'm wondering if anyone knows of any alternative places lr stamped the engine numbers? Normally they're stamped in the block next to where the dipstick tube goes into the block but there's nothing there. It should be 8.13:1 36dxxxxxx if i'm correct.
It's on an lse softdash of unkown history. My initiall thoughts were that it had been ground off, but there is no 'lip' that an anglegrinder would cause, and the finish of the facing is factory smooth.

From my understanding it is the heads that are ground or re-faced when reconditioning a motor, is there any reason a block would be ground?

I don't really want to take it into our roads authority without an engine number...... they're bad enough as it is!

For anyone in any know the car was last registered in Queensland 4 years ago, and i'm registering it in Victoria.

Thanks again in advance.

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The 4.4 Rover block used in the P76 had the engine no. elsewhere but I don't know quite where.

I assume your block has been decked and that's why the no. is missing. You may have to stamp another number on before you go to VicRoads.

A block may be decked when fitting new liners.

Do you have the engine no. from the Qld. rego papers.

I spoke to an engine builder about this a while back and, in theory, in NSW they aren't allowed to stamp the engine no. back on after the block is decked but as this causes all sorts of problems for the owner, they do it anyway.
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